Each Apprentice is required to furnish their own classroom related supplies including but not limited to: welding gloves, welding hood, welding jacket, notepad, pen/pencil, etc.

Rules and Regulations

  • Apprentices are required to attend 102 hours per semester in order to reach Journeyman status
  • Class starts at 6:00 pm Apprentices will need to ask instructor before leaving
  • Absences and Tardiness are highly discouraged
    • Any apprentice that is going to be late or absent must call the hall before 3:00 pm
      • This is not an excused absence just a common courtesy
    • Upon returning to class apprentices must get with instructor and apprentice coordinator about make up work and hours. It will then be reviewed by the JATC.
    • Any apprentice that misses 3 or more classes will have to appear before the JATC for continuation in the program.
      • Failure to appear before the JATC may result in a decrease of wages up to 10% and/or immediate removal from the Apprentice Training Program
      • The apprentice may appeal to the JATC as long as the appeal is in writing and submitted within 10 days of the missed day.
    • Any apprentice that misrepresents himself/herself to any employer/employee will be penalized by the Local
  • No contractor or foreman will be allowed to pay above appropriate scale without written permission from the JATC
  • No apprentice is allowed to solicit their own work. The business manager will find you work.
  • Each apprentice is responsible for buying all the tools outlined in the tool list provided. These tools may be purchased throughout the apprentice’s career. Upon completion of the Apprentice Training Program apprentices are required to have a full set of tools including structural and finishing hand tools
  • No apprentice is allowed to consume any alcohol or drugs before or during class. Gambling is prohibited. If found in violation of these the apprentice will automatically be removed from the Apprentice Training Program.
  • Apprentices must wear proper clothing when in weld shop (pants, closed toe shoes, long sleeve shirt, safety glasses, etc.)
  • No apprentice will be allowed to leave until classroom, shop, and parking lot is clean
  • All phones and electronical devices are to be set to silent at the beginning of class and are to remain as such until class is over.
  • All apprentices must pass required materials before advancing in their wages and in the Apprentice Training Program
  • Any apprentice that violates these rules is subject to membership revocation
  • No apprentice will receive a wage increase if his/her dues are in arrears or if he/she doesn’t have the required hours.